Edelweiss Group – at a glance

consolidated revenues as of 12.31.2018
net assets as of 12.31.2018

About us

We are active in asset backed trading and proprietary trading

We have more than 10 years experience in cross border trading of electricity and natural gas

Our trading desk covers a huge area (from the United Kingdom to Greece and from Serbia to Spain)


What we do

We trade every day power, natural gas, oil and environmental certificates over an area as big as Europe

We trade on the main physical and financial commodity markets, both regulated and over-the-counter


We have a strong experience in handling energy assets.

Power plants, energy storage and sales and procurement portfolios.

We can count on a huge logistic infrastructure and on a state-of-the-art IT system


I am very proud of Edelweiss Energia

I have been Managing Director since 2007 and I had the chance to see Edelweiss Energia growing year-by-year


As of today, Edelweiss Energia is one the most financial sound and innovative energy company in Italy.

On top of this, we succeded in the international energy markets, counting on a strong impulse towards internationalization and towards excellence.


We are ready to catch the new challenges of the energy market and to provide the best service to our clients.


Matteo Calvi, CEO Edelweiss Energia S.p.A.