The Edelweiss Group is an Italian group that was founded in 2007 from an entrepreneurial idea from Matteo Calvi, senior trader employed in the E.ON Group since 2000.

In 2016 the Edelweiss Group decides to extend its activities to the sale of electricity and natural gas to end users through the development of the controlled Sebina S.r.L (Formerly Edelweiss Energy Services S.r.L.).

To expand its customers portfolio, Sebina S.r.L gets advantage of the expertise of Edelweiss Energia S.p.A. in terms of portfolio- and logistics management and intercompany services provided by the parent company Edelweiss Energy Holding S.p.A. to every company in the group.

Since its birth, the Edelweiss Group has undertaken a gradual growth which has allowed it to settle as a primary national player for natural gas, electricity and environmental certificates trading.

As part of the trading activities regarding electricity and environmental certificates, the Group establishes cooperation relationships with thousand of production plants through its subsidiary Edelweiss Energia, in particular with those from renewable sources, from which Edelweiss Energia purchases electricity and environmental certificates.

In 2016 the plant portfolio managed by Edelweiss Energia is, in terms of size, one of the most significant of the entire Italian market thus placing the Edelweiss Group among the leaders in the commercialization of electricity from renewable energy plants.

Moreover on a national level, the Edelweiss Group established great success in the management of elecricity purchase portfolios belonging to small and medium size reseller companies, to which the Edelweiss Group made its expertise available for the management of logistics and trading activities.

The Edelweiss Group operates through its subsidiary Edelweiss Energia S.p.A. in many different regulated- and over-the-counter markets for both electricity and natural gas over an area which extends itself over most of Continental Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom) and the Balkans (currently Slovenia and Greece). It also operates the trading of environmental certificates with its subsidiary Edelweiss Energy Trading Limited, which is subject to English law, as of the trading of LECs and credits for carbon dioxide emissions.

The Edelweiss Group has been consistently oriented towards the growth of its logistics infrastructure and the enhancement of trading volumes commercialized in the national and foreign markets.

Currently, the Edelweiss Group has at its disposal a number more than ever complete and exhaustive of market accesses to the major European regulated markets (both physical and financial) that provide the Group with a non-mediated access to the major European markets platforms.

The capitalization of the Group has been over the years a key driver. The impulse to capitalize has indeed brought the Edelweiss Group to become an operator with the highest standards of creditworthiness.