Electricity purchases from production plants

Edelweiss Energy buys electricity for more than 500 power plants located throughout Italy. We are one of the leading Italian operators in this market. We have state-of-the-art technology to better manage the energy produced from the production plants, adding to this administration all the experience of one of the best performing and most active trading desks.

Algorithmic optimization of energy storing

We have developed powerful tools to optimize electricity storing. We use these tools to optimize the production of hydroelectric reservoirs taking advantage of advanced techniques of operative research and optimization algorithms based on in-house developed linear mixed-integer programming models. We run the algorithms for each session of the market to guarantee the best-performance respecting all the static and dynamic constraints which are defined by the energy producer (ramps, tank levels, minimum and maximum production, etc.) and constantly monitoring the exogenous data (temperature, rainfall, melting snow, production data from serially arranged installations, etc.).

Plant programming managing 

Edelweiss Energia constantly supports the customer in diligent planning phase of energy production, evenly to the rules progressively defined by the Grid Code and current regulations. We provide the manufacturer with all the tools necessary to make a proper planning and supply informatic tools for the exchange of information between the producer and the dispatching user.

Portfolio management

The combination of spot and forward products is the winning key to the optimization of energy valorization and to minimize the market risks. Edelweiss Energia provides its customers with the tools to correctly monitor the development of their portfolio. The trades are agreed with the client and are implemented through our trading desk.

Sebina’s portfolio manager

Edelweiss Energia is portfolio manager for Sebina. Sebina s.r.l. is a company 100% owned by Edelweiss dedicated to the sale of electricity and natural gas to end users.

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