Obligation to publish insider information – REGULATION (EU) No. 1227/2011 (on integrity and transparency of wholesale energy market).

Read the REMIT regulation.

Read REMIT Implementation Regulation No. 1348/2014

The obligations of Edelweiss Energia S.p.A. regarding REMIT are entrusted to the parent company Edelweiss Energy Holding S.p.A. and are available at the link shown below.

Data from Edelweiss Energia S.p.A. about the ACER register follow below and are available clicking the link.


ACER Code: A00026728.IT

Name: Edelweiss Energia S.p.A.

EIC Code: 17X100B100I0001Q

LEI Code: 549300BFERH5CYD68208

UTI GENERATION: Based on ACER’s recommendation

Edelweiss Energia S.p.A. will generate UTI code using ACER ALGORITHM

Remit contact: REMIT@edelweiss-energia.it