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Edelweiss Energy Group: together with energy

The Edelweiss Group is an Italian corporate group operating in the energy sector since 2005 and based in Bergamo.

We operate in the main European wholesale markets for electricity, natural gas, oil and environmental certificates through our subsidiary Edelweiss Energia and in the italian market for sales to final customers through our subsidiary Sebina.
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We operate every day on the main regulated European markets and over the counter in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, France, UK, Slovenia, France and Germany through our subsidiary Edelweiss Energia S.p.A.

We manage purchase- and sales portfolios of electricity and natural gas for our producing customers, municipalized and resellers through our subsidiary Edelweiss Energia S.p.A.

We sell electricity and natural gas to end users in Italy through our subsidiary Sebina s.r.l. (formerly Edelweiss Servizi Energetici s.r.l.)

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