Commodity trading

We operate on the major European markets either regulated (power exchanges) or over-the-counter. We are active operators on regulated markets such as IPEX, EPEX, BSP Southpool, LAGIE, Intercontinental Exchange, EEX and many more.
We operate in Italy on the natural gas market as a shipper either on regulated markets (gas exchange) and over-the-counter. We are operators in gas storage and we also operate cross-border trading.
We commercialize every year a significant number of credits for carbon dioxide emissions, energy efficiency credits, guarantees of origin and other environmental certificates both in compliant and volunteer circuits.
We trade oil on Intercontinental Exchange, the world’s leading market for Brent financial trading.
We support our customers standing side by side with them in the development of the commercial activities related to biomethane, which has growing market.

The playing field 

In red the markets in which we operate.

In orange the markets on which we are currently expanding.

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