Portofolio management for companies selling natural gas

As a qualified trader and shipper, we support natural gas selling companies with their purchasing management and logistics.

We offer our partners the most sophisticated trading tools to better manage procurement and logistics required to operate directly in the wholesale natural gas market, relieving the client from the implementation of a trading desk and of an in-house logistics management.

Portofolio management for companies producing natural gas

We stand with the producers who introduce gas into the network of Snam Rete Gas, in particular biomethane.

We manage all the logistics according to the transport contract with Snam Rete Gas and optimize the sale of the natural gas in the network as portfolio management.

Sebina’s Portfolio manager

Edelweiss Energia is the portfolio manager for Sebina s.r.l.

Sebina s.r.l. is a company 100% owned by Edelweiss Group which deals with the sale of electricity and natural gas to end users.

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